• Home

    • Removed verbiage that addressed the pandemic.

    • Added announcement banner that it is updated for 2021-2022 and includes SPVA information

  • District Info

    • Calendars

      • Updated with the 2021-2022 Calendar.

    • The Schools.

      • Replaced "Lori Cooksey" and "Dana Sallaska" with "vacant"

      • Removed the assistant Principal under Richmond Elementary

    • Safety and Security

      • Changed Lockout to Secure and reordered Standard Response Protocols to correspond to order on new posters

      • Added Virtual Learner Inclement Weather information

    • Dress Code

      • Added a subpoint regarding protective face coverings under both elementary and secondary

    • Wellness & Health

      • Added a link to Oklahoma's immunization page and a statement about the CDC's COVID vaccine recommendations to .

  • The School Day

    • Added SPVA Attendance Policy

    • Schedules

      • Added SPVA

    • Meals

      • Updated lunch prices to read "Meals are free for all students during the 2021-2022 school year."

      • Added SPVA Info under Lunches

      • Added Meals for Virtual Learners

    • After school

      • Added SPVA

      • Removed "For the 2020-2021 school year, after school study hours will not be held." under Middle School

  • School Work

    • Academic Progress

      • Added a blurb about SPVA and linked to the SPVA Student Progress Section

      • Removed link to Distance and Virtual learning for 2020-2021 from menu

  • Activities

    • Removed links to a few local youth sports organizations, as it is an incomplete list. Changed verbiage to direct them to the Athletics website, which may begin to maintain a list of those, and to have coach conversations.

  • Behavior

    • Academic Dishonesty

      • Added SPVA information to Plagiarism section

  • Services

  • Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy

  • Hid link to 2020-2021 Back to School/Pandemic Protocols from menu as that information is not accurate for next year's procedures

  • Minor pandemic alerts, grammar/verbiage corrections, and graphics changes throughout.



  • Minor cosmetic adjustments made to fonts throughout

  • Updated PioneerHELP to SPS STAR information on Social Assistance

  • Reworded some verbiage under Absences on The School Day







  • Added link to SPS Website - Legal Notices page under Notices

  • Added this Updates page and linked it on the Handbook Homepage



  • Added verbiage about pandemic policies being in place, possibly overriding policies in this handbook.