School Work

Students are expected to follow teacher directives when working in the classroom.


School Board Policy EIB

Homework given by teachers to students should be to supplement, complement and reinforce classroom teaching and learning. Homework shall be related to the school's aims and philosophy of education.

Late Work

Late work acceptance will vary based on individual teachers. These practices should be clearly conveyed in writing to students and parents at the start of the school year/semester.

Make Up Work

Students who are absent because of a school activity, family trip, or other such activity will be expected to obtain assignments before departing and have them completed upon returning to school.

  • Work missed during excused absences may be made up.

  • Students will have the same number of days to make up the work as the student missed

    • Additional time may be granted by the teacher

  • No penalty shall be assessed for make up work completed for excused absences.

  • Exams/tests announced during the student's presence shall be made up on the day the student returns to class.

    • Should the student be absent at the time the test is announced and thus is not aware of the scheduled test, the student shall have the same number of days to make up the test(s) as the student missed unless additional time is granted by the teacher.

Any exception to this procedure shall be limited to those exceptions made by the building principal.

Extra Credit

Extra credit (up to the discretion of each teacher), if used, should:

  • total no more than 5% of the nine (9) weeks grade

  • be made available to all students in any given class

  • be supported with some form of written work

  • be part of the syllabus/course outline

If suggested extra credit projects would require the expenditure of money, teachers must provide alternate forms of extra credit projects which do not involve spending money.

It will not be given for:

  • Canned food drives

  • Attendance at sporting events

  • Running errands

Updates, Changes, or ClarificationPlease submit any updates, changes, reports of incorrect information or requests for clarification to [email protected].