Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy

SPS is proud to announce Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy (SPVA), an ongoing program for students PreK-12 who have thrived learning online or are seeking to experience online learning for the first time. While SPVA is designed primarily for students living in the Stillwater area, students living outside of the district are welcome to apply to experience the flexibility, academic excellence, and student experience that Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy offers.

  • Flexibility - Learn when it makes sense for you and invest in academic and personal growth with a unique plan tailored to your needs

  • Participate in SPS co-curricular and extracurricular activities like performing arts classes, school dances, and athletics

  • Receive support with access to all of SPS’s programs including special education services, internet devices and hotspots, transportation services, meals, and school libraries

  • A physical Learning Lab for in-person experiences, such as hands-on science labs, daily workspace if desired

  • Earn an SPS diploma while learning from some of the best virtual curricula that has been created, blended, vetted, modified, rewritten, and improved by SPS teachers


Admission Requirements

To enroll in Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy students must:

  • Reside in Stillwater Public School attendance boundaries OR obtain an out of district transfer

  • Attend an in person or Google Meet enrollment and orientation prior to the start of the first semester

  • Participate in the entirety of one semester. At the end of the semester students can choose to remain in the virtual academy or to enroll in traditional learning opportunities. Students will be given a drop period at the beginning of the semester. The drop period will be 3 school days for students 10-12 and 10 school days for students PK-9. After the drop period, students will need to complete the semester prior to making changes.

  • 6th-12th grade students must attend a weekly one-on-one meeting with their SPS teacher at the Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy or via Google Meet to discuss progress and their learning plan for the next week. When students have consistently shown progress and an ability to manage their learning, these meetings may occur less frequently.

  • PreK-5th grade students must attend weekly small group or one-on-one session at Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy or via Google Meet

  • Attend in person science labs and other experiences as required by course

  • Take all course tests and benchmark tests in person at Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy. In the case where students can not attend in person, they must arrange for their tests to be proctored virtually. These tests will be clearly outlined at the beginning of the semester. Short quizzes or knowledge checks will not require in person attendance.

  • Agree to and sign technology agreement (if applicable)

  • Participate in required district and state assessments throughout the year

SPS students can be denied admittance to the virtual academy if they have previously demonstrated a lack of progress in virtual learning and for other reasons as deemed appropriate by site and virtual administration.

Reasons for Dismissal from Virtual Program

Students can be dismissed from the Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy and required to attend traditional learning for the following reasons:

  • Lack of academic progress

  • Lack of attendance for in person learning requirements

  • Failure to act with academic integrity

  • Violating the technology agreement

Attendance Expectations are listed in The School Day