School Board Policy CN

The Stillwater Board of Education recognizes that transportation is a necessary element of educational opportunity. The purpose of maintaining and operating a transportation system as part of the general school program shall be to provide its students adequate and safe transportation to and from school and on other school trips deemed a part of the educational program.


School Board Policy CN-E1

Bus stops are created based on a student’s residence, whenever possible, within a half mile of student residences.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather while waiting for the bus

  • Arrive at least five minutes before the regular arrival time of the bus

  • Wait at least ten minutes before returning home

  • Students may be allowed to ride to or from an alternate existing stop with prior approval of the Transportation Department.

Safety Regulations for Students

    • Boarding

      • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop

      • If a student must cross a road, wait for the driver to signal you across with his/her hand.

      • Cross the road at least 10 feet in front of the bus.

    • Traveling

      • Remain seated and facing the front of the bus.

      • Keep the aisle clear.

      • Do not put hands, head, other parts of the body, or any object out the window

      • All personal items carried on the bus must be able to fit in the student’s lap. Anything that cannot be safely carried in the student’s lap should not be brought on the bus.

      • Do not talk to others outside of the bus as those near large machines need to remain focused.

      • Flowers, balloons, and other party favors are not permitted on the bus.

      • Suckers are not to be consumed on the bus as they present a choking hazard.

    • Exiting

      • Walk

      • Carefully look around obstacles

Bus Discipline

The primary responsibility of school bus drivers is the successful operation of the vehicle. The driver’s attention is divided between the traffic outside the bus and the children inside the bus.

With many different ages riding together in a fairly static environment for some length of time, social dynamics, including peer pressure, may cause students to exhibit different behaviors than they do in a classroom or at home. Child misbehaviors that might only be slightly disruptive in the classroom could result in a catastrophe on the bus.

For the safety and security of passengers, distracting behavior must be kept to a minimum. Riding a bus is a privilege reserved for students that can conduct themselves appropriately.

Driver Authority

The bus driver has the authority to enforce all bus rules and may add additional restrictions to ensure the safety of all passengers or for disciplinary reasons. Any student refusing to obey the driver’s instructions may be removed from the bus and lose his/her transportation privilege. At the driver’s discretion:

    • Separate students that are causing distractions/misbehaving

    • Seats may be assigned for any reason

    • Wireless device use, including cell phones, may be limited. Use of these devices is a privilege that may be revoked at any time. Students are to end calls when asked to do so.

Parents wishing to speak to a driver may call the transportation department at (405) 533-6347.

MINOR Disruptive Misbehavior

The steps below are normally followed to correct minor inappropriate behavior. However, steps may be skipped if the behavior merits to ensure the safety of other passengers.

Driver - Possible actions during inappropriate or distracting behavior

  • Verbal warning

  • Assigned seat

  • Bus Rider Conduct Report submitted to transportation department

Transportation Office - possible responses to Bus Rider Conduct Report*

  • 1st Report: Parent/Guardian notified

  • 2nd Report: Parent/Guardian notified

  • 3rd Report: 3 day suspension of bus privileges

  • 4th Report: 5 day suspension of bus privileges

  • 5th Report: Suspension of bus privileges for the remainder of the year including class trips and extra-curricular activities

MAJOR Disruptive Misbehavior

Immediate loss of bus privileges, without receiving previous warning, may also result from vandalism, fighting, abusive language or gestures, failure to cooperate with the driver or other school personnel, possession or use of drugs, weapons, throwing/spitting objects, or any other action that jeopardizes the safety of the passengers, school personnel, or the public.

Extracurricular Transportation

Buses or district-owned vehicles may be used for educational field trips, as an extension of classroom activities, and for extracurricular activities. During field trips, students are expected to follow the same rules as during normal school operations. When students are transported from their school site, the responsible SPS staff member shall notify parents/guardians of the trip and gather appropriate permission slips in a timely manner.

  • Students participating in activities are required to ride on school transportation with the following exceptions:

    • Activity sponsors may grant permission for students to return with parents.

    • Parents may request in writing that their child ride to or from the event with another specified adult (non-SPS student). These requests will be approved by the administrator or designee on an individual basis.

  • Adults chaperones (policy EEI) may ride, if space allows.

Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy

The district recognizes that students may need access to SPS Transportation Services in order to participate in person for some activities and meetings. Families should work with SPVA to arrange transportation as needed.

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