Safety and Security

Pandemic conditions exist. Pandemic protocols may override policies listed on this page.

The safety and security of our students and staff is our number one priority. SPS constantly evaluates and works to improve our security procedures.


SPS, in cooperation with Stillwater Police Department, employs School Resource Officers (SROs) to help keep our students safe. SROs help ensure the safety of our students on a daily basis, respond to threats, direct traffic, and serve as liaisons to the Police Department.

  • Jeremy Hooten - High School, Richmond

  • Paul Blankinship - SJHS, Skyline

  • Jared Noles - SMS, Sangre Ridge

  • Justin Reedy - Lincoln, Will Rogers, Westwood, Highland Park

SROs contribute as:

  • A classroom resource for instruction in the following areas: law-related education, violence diffusion, safety programs, alcohol and drug prevention, crime prevention, and other areas.

  • A member of the faculty and administrative team working hand in hand to solve problems in the school community.

  • A resource to teachers, parents, and students for conferences on an individual basis, dealing with individual problems or questions.

  • A visible, active law enforcement figure on campus dealing with any law-related issues.

Our schools and district buildings all share a common emergency response system - Standard Response Protocol. SRP is designed to provide consistent, clear shared language and actions among all students, staff and first responders.

  • A Hold is called if students need to stay out of the hall for occurrences like a spill, medical emergency, or a disruptive student. Class continues as usual inside the classroom.

  • The Secure protocol is issued in the event of a possible danger (stray animals, suspicious persons, a crime in the area, etc.) outside the school. School continues as usual inside the school.

  • In the event of a possible threat inside the school, a Lockdown will be issued.

  • The Evacuate action will be initiated during events such as fires, chemical spills, gas leaks or other times it is necessary to clear the area.

  • During storms, floods, and other events, the Shelter action may be initiated.


Board policy CKC-R1

SPS recognizes the importance of practiced emergency response procedures. Both announced and unannounced drills will be conducted.


School board policy FNCGA

Possession of dangerous weapons, including ammunition, or replicas or facsimiles of weapons, by any person, except for School Resource Officers and visiting law enforcement personnel, is not allowed on school grounds.


School board policy FNF School board policy FNF-R

School lockers, desks, and other areas of school facilities may be opened and the contents examined by school officials at any time, in order to properly supervise the welfare of pupils.

Any vehicle entering school grounds is subject to search by school authorities and law enforcement personnel working with them. Such searches may be conducted without warrant for any reasonable purpose. Search of the vehicle includes all compartments and components thereof.

Students are also subject to appropriate, supervised searches in the event of reasonable suspicion of weapons, controlled dangerous substances, or stolen property.


School board policy FDF

Stillwater Public Schools will maintain closed campuses at all of its school sites. Students will remain on campus from the time they arrive until the completion of their school day. High school students at Stillwater High School and Lincoln Academy are permitted to leave campus during lunch and for academic/extracurricular purposes. To leave campus during any other time:

  1. The student must be signed out by a parent/legal guardian or designated adult.

  2. If the student returns during the same day, the parent/legal guardian or designated adult must sign the student back in.

  3. High school students may check themselves out and back in with the permission of the parent/legal guardian.


School board policy ckac-p3 - School board policy ckac-p2

Heavy rains, tornadoes, and snow and ice conditions are a common occurrence in Oklahoma. Each of our schools has a tornado procedure, and the faculty and students practice storm drills periodically. If severe weather (tornado) is approaching at the time of dismissal, students will be held at the school until the danger has subsided. If there is a tornado watch but no immediate danger, school will be dismissed on schedule.

If it is necessary to cancel school because of severe weather, it will be announced as early as possible on the following radio and television stations:

Virtual Learners and Inclement Weather Days

Being able to continue work on inclement weather days is an advantage to virtual learning. Curriculum doesn’t have to be condensed to accommodate these days and consistency is ensured. As such, on days when SPS experiences inclement weather and closes school buildings, virtual learners will continue coursework as previously scheduled. Students should communicate directly with their teachers if the weather impedes their ability to work over inclement weather days. Families are reminded that attendance is monitored for a 7-day period based on academic progress. Any scheduled in-person sessions will be cancelled on inclement weather days and communicated via email.

Accessing School Closing Information

  • KSPI FM 93.7

  • KSPI AM 78.0

  • KVRO FM 101.1

  • KGFY FM 105.5

  • OKC Channels 4, 5, 9, 25, 43


School board policy ckac-p1
  • Text message notifications are used to announce cancellations and certain SRP actions. To receive district text messages, you must opt in by sending a text message "Y" to the phone number 67587 from your mobile phone. Your mobile phone number must also be associated with a guardian in Infinite Campus. You can verify in the parent portal or contact your school's office. More Info:


  • Bicycles should be secured in designated racks and are not to be ridden at any time during school hours. This includes the lunch period, unless special permission is given to the student to ride home for lunch.

  • Backpacks & Bags must be placed in cubbies or lockers immediately upon arrival at school and picked up before leaving. Secondary students are not to take book bags, duffel bags, or backpacks to classrooms.

  • Personal Property - Students, not the school, are responsible for their property.

    • It is highly recommended that all coats, jackets, rain apparel, etc., be clearly and permanently marked with the owner’s name.

    • Secure or monitor items such as money, phones, purses, glasses, and jewelry.

  • Cars and Motorcycles are expected to be driven with great care and caution, observing all driving safety rules. Student drivers must register their vehicles with the school administration. Violation of the rules of driving as well as rules of student conduct may cause driving privileges to be revoked.



Junior high students wishing to drive to school and park on campus must meet with the principal to receive approval.


Parking Permits are $25 per year. Note: If the driver receives their license during or after spring break, the decal cost is reduced to $15. Drivers will need to complete an online parking permit application, and bring the following documentation to the SHS Parking Office, Room 136, to pick up parking permit stickers:

1. A valid Oklahoma driver’s license, not a permit.

2. Current security (insurance) verification form for the vehicle being registered.

3. Payment

Students may not transfer their permit to another vehicle for any reason. Additional permits are $5/vehicle. Temporary permits are available at no charge in the Parking Office if a primary vehicle is under maintenance.

Updates, Changes, or ClarificationPlease submit any updates, changes, reports of incorrect information or requests for clarification to [email protected].