Student Progress

Student Progress Expectation

All students are expected to maintain progress in all of their courses. Weekly meetings will be used to discuss student progress and to ensure students understand what needs to be accomplished throughout the week.

Failure to Meet Progress

Students who fail to meet progress standards may be assigned additional time at Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy. Continuously failing to meet progress expectations will result in meeting with parents or guardians and may result in a dismissal from SPVA.

Incomplete Courses

Students that fail to complete their courses by the end of the semester may receive a failing grade. Students will be allowed to take the final exam and may receive credit if their relative grade is above 60%.

Dropping/Adding Courses

Students in grades 10-12 will have 3 school days to drop or add a course. After 4:00pm on the third day of a course, students will no longer be able to switch courses and are committed to virtual learning for the remainder of the semester. Extenuating circumstances must be submitted in writing to the principal of the Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy.

Starting Courses

Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy will follow the SPS academic calendar. Students will be expected to complete courses within the academic semesters set forth by the calendar. Because of the high levels of support we aim to provide our students, starting courses outside of the traditional start dates will be strongly discouraged.

Progress Reports

Families of students in grades 6-12 will initially receive a progress report through email from Edgenuity each Monday of the semester. Families have the option of increasing the frequency of these progress reports daily if desired. Families need to monitor these progress reports closely and if your student is falling behind please contact the Pioneer Virtual Academy to arrange for additional time for your student. Families of students in grade K-5 will receive a progress report at each of the 9-week marks in the semester. Additionally, parent/teacher conferences will be held twice each academic year. Parents or guardians are encouraged to reach out if they would like to meet with staff in between these conferences.

Final Grades and Report Cards

Parents or guardians of students in grades 6-12 will receive an email that shows their student’s final grade for each course they are enrolled in. Families of students in grade PK-5 will receive a report card at the end of each semester.