Nutrition & Meals

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School Board Policy CO-R

The Stillwater Board of Education recognizes that healthy eating patterns are essential for students to achieve their academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well being.

Stillwater Public Schools operates a school nutrition program that will include lunch, breakfast, and may include after school snacks through participation in the Child Nutrition Programs.

Payment & Menus

School Board Policy COC

To pay your bill, view menus, and apply for low-cost meals visit:

Applications for free and reduced meals are included in the enrollment packet, may be obtained in the office, or submitted online. Applications can be turned in at any time.

Stillwater Public Schools offers nutritious school meals to students at a minimal cost. In order to avoid adversely affecting the school meal program financially, the Stillwater Board of Education establishes policy regarding the charging of school meals.

The nutrition services meal payment policy is intended to:

-treat all students with dignity and respect;

-maintain a positive experience for students during meal service;

-establish practices that are age appropriate; and

-promote parents’ responsibility for meal payments and self-responsibility of the student

Meal times can be found here.


$0 for students

Every Stillwater school provides a free breakfast for all students.


$2.50 elementary / $2.75 secondary
  • Student lunches are available at all school sites.

  • Elementary, Middle, and Junior High Schools operate closed campus lunches.

    • Students may not accept food brought by the parent of another student.

  • Stillwater High School has an open campus lunch policy.

    • Students are excused only for the forty minute lunch period, standard tardy procedures apply.

  • Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children at school or sign them out to take them off site for lunch.


Some classes/ages provide snacks. Some schools/teachers may ask for parent participation to help support these efforts.


  • Walk at all times

  • No cutting in line

  • Demonstrate good table manners

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Do not overflow trash cans

  • Use a conversational voice

  • Respect lunch monitors

Additional information can be found at the SPS Nutrition Services website.

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