District Info


The teachers and staff of Stillwater Public Schools happily welcome you to our district and your school! This handbook is made available as a matter of information and convenience. Classroom, playground and cafeteria rules are reviewed with students at each school site. Students are expected to follow the rules established at their individual school.

If you have any questions or comments on matters pertaining to your child’s education, please feel free to discuss them with the site principal or other appropriate school staff. If we are not aware of your concerns, there is no way we can help you solve them.

The school board policies, which guide individual school practices, can be found at: http://policy.stillwaterschools.com/

Each Stillwater school is unique, but all hold the same vision of striving for excellence while shaping the future. Our unified mission is to champion academic and personal growth for every student.

School Board

The Stillwater Board of Education consists of 5 elected volunteer (unpaid) members, each representing one of five wards (ward map). Each board member serves a five year term. The board meets at least once each month, and may have additional meetings as warranted. Meeting and agenda details can be found here.

Family Involvement

Board Policy EHAA

The education of children is a joint effort between the school, parents/guardians and the community as a whole. SPS will involve families in school activities and utilize parental and community resources in the instructional learning program of the school. The district will:

  1. Keep parents/guardians informed about their student's school and education.

  2. Encourage parental involvement.

  3. Establish effective two-way communication between all families and district personnel.

  4. Seek the advice of parents/guardians on school governance issues and methods to fulfill the district's educational mission.

SPS expects and supports an effective system of communication between and among school district patrons, the board of education, administrative staff, teachers, support personnel and students.


Board Policy EEI

The Stillwater Board of Education recognizes that citizens, acting as volunteers, provide valuable services that benefit the schools and students. Volunteers may come from all backgrounds and all age groups and may include any community members willing to give their time to help students and school staff. The board encourages the use of volunteers subject to appropriate rules, safeguards, and regulations approved by the board. Ask your teacher or principal how you can get involved at your site.

Application Form - EEI-E2

Stillwater is a diverse community, and SPS values that diversity. We will work with our community to build a culture of understanding and valuing differences. Those differences include, but are not limited to, race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Substitute and Student Teachers

Substitute and student teachers have the same authority and are to be treated with the same respect as the regular classroom teacher. For information on becoming a substitute visit: https://stillwaterschools.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx

School Supplies

Parents are responsible for providing necessary student supplies. At the elementary level you may pay a set charge, allowing the district to purchase in bulk. This is also generally more convenient and economical for parents.



Board policy FEA

The Stillwater Public Schools operates an open enrollment policy for in-district transfers at elementary schools. Parents may request any school for their child’s attendance. Placement, however, is not guaranteed.


Board policy FE

Students seeking to transfer, or remain transferred, into SPS, must complete a Student Transfer Application Form each year before May 31.

Resolving Conflict - Reporting a Problem

Conflicts and concerns are best presented and resolved directly with the involved parties. Any unresolved or unaddressed issues should be directed up the organizational ladder as appropriate.

Updates, Changes, or ClarificationPlease submit any updates, changes, reports of incorrect information or requests for clarification to [email protected].