School Board Policy FMA

Participation in extracurricular activities (athletics, music, etc.) is a privilege, not a right of every student. All of the athletic teams and activity groups represent our school when they perform. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that their behavior is conducive to the image of the school we want to display. Anyone behaving in any way that does not project a favorable image of our school will be removed from this activity and all other extra-curricular activities. Students will be subject to Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association and local board of education guidelines for student eligibility. Students not in attendance (unexcused absence) during the regular school day will not be admitted to events. See board policy for additional information.


Athletics Handbook

It is the mission of the Stillwater Public Schools’ Athletic Department to help all student athletes to become stronger academically, athletically and socially for the betterment of our community. The athletic faculty will be committed to working with athletes to help them better understand the importance of dedication, work ethic and cooperation. We will always strive for a family atmosphere that embraces diversity. It is the desire of our faculty to always provide a safe and competitive environment. The Stillwater Athletic Department goal is that all athletes become great citizens while learning to compete at the highest level.

Objectives of SPS Athletics

To provide through coaching methods:

  1. An understanding and knowledge of the value of athletics.

  2. An understanding of why the school has athletics.

  3. Better health and fitness.

  4. A desire to succeed and excel.

  5. The opportunity to develop self-discipline and emotional maturity.

  6. The opportunity to develop social competence through the team concept.

  7. The opportunity to develop and understand why rules are necessary.

  8. The opportunity to develop respect for the rights of others.

  9. The opportunity to develop respect for authority.

  10. The opportunity to develop a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

  11. The opportunity to think both as a member of a group and an individual.

  12. The opportunity to develop a faith in the democratic processes.

  13. The opportunity to develop the value of striving for and reaching group ideas.

  14. The opportunity to develop and improve motor skills.

  15. The opportunity to develop skills, interests and knowledge that will make life now and as an adult more enjoyable.

Joining a Team

Stillwater Athletics host open tryouts for all sports. To help students prepare for success in sports, we recommend participating in area youth sports to build skills and knowledge. Visit the Athletics website for more information and to find an SPS coach that can help advise you on getting started in a specific sport.

School-Sponsored Organizations

The district may sponsor student organizations that the board determines are in furtherance of and consistent with the educational objectives of the school district and directly related to the school district’s curriculum.

  • A list of school-sponsored organizations should be distributed to parents at the time of enrollment.

  • School-sponsored student organizations shall have a faculty sponsor whose teaching field, education, back-ground, or other expertise is reasonably related to the purpose and goals of the group, and who shall receive extra-duty compensation.

  • Copies of the by-laws, constitution, budget, and other relevant materials of school-sponsored student organizations should be available in the school’s office.

Independent Student Organizations

The district shall make facilities available for meetings of independent student-organized groups in grades 6-12 subject to the provisions including the following:

  • Meetings may be held only during any non-instructional time.

  • All meetings shall be student-initiated and open to all students in the school.

  • It is understood that participation in and the content and purposes of independent student-organized group meetings are neither approved nor disapproved by the school district.

  • Additional provisions as listed in board policy FMC.


Only students from the hosting Stillwater Public School may attend dances, with the exception of the SHS semi formal and prom. Guests must be registered and carry an identification card. Additional details about school events will be provided by the hosting school.

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