SJHS Bring Your Own Device

SJHS Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Procedures

Technology plays a large role in our students’ lives. Stillwater Junior High recognizes that personal devices can enhance and enrich learning opportunities both at home and at school. SJHS is committed to providing equal access for all students and allowing responsible, learning-centered use of technological devices at school to provide multiple pathways to accessing content and understanding for our students. While personal devices are not required at SJHS, we are providing a pathway for students to bring their own device if they choose. Students are encouraged to put their device in a case or sleeve if possible.

Access to the SJHS Network

● Access to the SPS wireless network, whether with school-provided or personal devices, is filtered in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

● Access to the SPS wireless network is a privilege, not a right. Any use of the wireless network requires personal responsibility and compliance with all school/district rules and acceptable use policies. The use of the SPS network also allows IT and admin staff to conduct investigations regarding inappropriate internet use at any time, by admin request. Instructions for student access to the wireless network is available at

Guidelines for Use

● Use of personal devices during the school day is at the discretion of teachers and staff. Students must use devices as directed by their teacher.

● The purpose of personal-device use at school is educational. Personal use is allowed outside the instructional day (8:45 a.m.-3:50 p.m.)

● The use of personal devices must not be a distraction or disruption to the educational process in any way.

● Students will avoid using personal devices outside of their classrooms unless otherwise directed by a teacher or staff member.

● Students will not attempt to circumvent the school’s network security and/or filtering policies and must comply with all provisions of district policy EFBCA Internet and Other Networks Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy .

● Students will not take/distribute pictures or video of students/staff without their permission (distribution can be as small as emailing/texting to one other person or as large as posting an image or video online).

● Students may only use their school-assigned login information to access the network. Sharing or falsification of login information is considered misuse of the wireless access and can result in disciplinary action.

Consequences for Misuse/Disruption (one or more may apply)

● Parent Contact

● Device taken away for the class period

● Device taken away and kept in the front office until parent picks it up

● Student not allowed to use personal devices at school

● Loss of district network access

● Assigned Detention

● Assigned ISP or suspension

School Liability Statement

● Students bring their devices to use at SJHS at their own risk. It is their duty to be responsible for maintaining and protecting their devices.

● SJHS is in no way responsible for personal devices that are broken while at school or during school-sponsored activities, personal devices that are lost or stolen at school or during school-sponsored activities, or the maintenance or upkeep of any device (keeping it charged, installing updated or upgrades, fixing any software or hardware issues).