School Property

Educational Materials

School Board Policy CMAB

Library Media Centers

Each site houses a library media center to

  • Encourage the development of a love of reading

  • Contribute to academic achievement

  • Discover and develop special talents and interests

  • Cultivates independent study techniques

  • Provides up-to-date materials and knowledge of how to use them

  • Work closely with classroom teachers to supplement student learning

All materials must be treated in accordance with SPS’s Educational Materials policy. Specific policies will vary based on school and grade level. Check with your school site for appropriate rules and regulations.

Textbooks and Other Materials

Students using school-owned textbooks,library books, technology devices, or other educational materials are responsible for them and shall reimburse the school for any lost or damaged items. If lost items are returned, the student may be refunded any charges previously paid to the school for the items. As a general rule, assessment will be per occurrence and based on this formula:

  • Class notes & underlining $2

  • Inscriptions & doodling $3

  • Obscenities & severely torn pages $4

  • Damaged or defaced covers $7

  • Lost book Price of new book


Secondary School students will be issued a locker. The school will provide a lock for each locker. The lock that is assigned to the locker must be turned in at the end of the year or when a student withdraws from school. If the correct lock is not turned in, a $15 fee will be charged to the student(s) assigned to the locker.

Regulations for ALL Lockers

    • Only the assigned students should be using each locker. If a student wishes to change lockers, the main office must be notified.

    • Lockers must be locked and secured at all times.

    • Locker combinations should not be shared with anyone.

    • Do not leave valuables in lockers. Students are responsible for anything found in or stolen from their lockers.

    • Locker inspections may be held at various times during the school year. The school administration reserves the right to inspect lockers, desks, or other school property at any time.

High School Locker Specifics

  • Two students will be assigned to each locker. Members of the opposite sex may not share lockers. If a student wishes to change lockers or locker partners, the main office must be notified.

More information about personal property can be found under Safety and Security.

Parking Lots

Students and parents are subject to parking enforcement by local law enforcement. Please obey all traffic and parking regulations. Specific parking regulations may be distributed by your school. Stillwater High School parking lots are subject to permit parking during school hours. For details on parking regulations and permits see Safety & Security.

Updates, Changes, or ClarificationPlease submit any updates, changes, reports of incorrect information or requests for clarification to [email protected].