Arrival / Departure

Each site will establish specific procedures for arrival times, drop off procedures, and buses. This information will be communicated from school administrators prior to the start of school. These processes are subject to change based on traffic patterns and school needs. Schools will provide site-specific instruction for all student travelers:

  • Drop-Offs - students are dropped off at the curb

  • Walk-Ups - escorted by a parent/guardian to the door or inside

  • Walkers - walk unaccompanied to school

  • Bike Riders - ride bicycles or scooters to school (transport must be secured to bike racks during school hours)

  • Drivers - use their own motor vehicles

  • Bus Riders - utilize district transportation

Skateboards, wheelies, rollerblades and roller skates are not allowed at school. They may not be carried on the school bus, or worn to/from school grounds. (Policy FNH)


Information about tardy arrivals can be found here.

Updates, Changes, or ClarificationPlease submit any updates, changes, reports of incorrect information or requests for clarification to [email protected].