Arrival Tardies

If a student will be tardy to 1st hour, they must check in at the office. One arrival tardy (1st hour only) per semester with no penalty is allowed to cover unforeseen travel circumstances. During certain weather conditions, allowances for reasonable delays will be determined by school officials. Excessive tardies will result in contacting parents and a possible meeting with school personnel.

Classroom Tardies

Students must be in class or at events (such as assigned after school tutorials) on time. Late students must report to the attendance secretary. Secondary students who arrive to class 25 minutes late will receive an abscence for that class.

Tardy Disciplinary Actions

Middle School

  1. Excused

  2. Teacher consultation

  3. Parent contact

  4. Administration conference & parent contact

  5. Administration conference, parent contact & 2 days lunch detention

  6. Administration conference, parent contact & 1 hour after school detention

  7. TBD disciplinary action

Junior High (per 9 week period)

  1. Warning

  2. Office/Guidance consultation & parent contact

  3. 1 day detention & parent contact

  4. 2 days detention & parent contact

  5. Parent/guardian conference with administration + TBD disciplinary action

High School

  1. Warning

  2. 25 minutes of Closed Campus

  3. 1 hour of EAS + Off campus privileges revoked

  4. 1.5 hours of EAS + Off campus privileges revoked

  5. 1.5 hours of EAS + Off campus privileges revoked, possible ISP, Parent/Guardian Notification

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