Middle School Schedule

Pandemic conditions exist. Pandemic protocols may override policies listed on this page.

*Early Release Fridays - SMS observes early release Fridays to allow teachers to participate in Professional Learning Communities.

Operational Hours

  • Building 7:50am - 4:00pm

  • Office 7:50am - 4:00pm

  • Library 7:50am - 3:30pm

6th Grade


Breakfast 7:50am - 8:20am

1st Period 8:20am – 8:40am

2nd Period 8:44am – 9:33am

3rd Period 9:37am – 10:26am

FLEX 10:30am – 11:00am

4th Period 11:04am – 12:37pm

Lunch A 11:04am – 11:44am Lunch B 11:57am – 12:37pm

5th Period 12:41pm – 1:30pm

6th Period 1:34pm – 2:23pm

7th Period 2:27pm – 3:20pm

Early Release Fridays

Breakfast 7:50am - 8:20am

1st Period 8:20am – 8:35am

2nd Period 8:39am – 9:27am

3rd Period 9:31am – 10:19am

4th Period 10:23am – 11:55am

Lunch A 10:23am – 11:03amLunch B 11:15am – 11:55am

5th Period 11:59pm – 12:47pm

6th Period 12:51pm – 1:39pm

7th Period 1:43pm – 2:30pm

7th Grade

Monday - Thursday

Breakfast TIME - TIME

1st Period 8:20am – 8:44am

2nd Period 8:48am – 9:37am

3rd Period 9:41am – 10:30am

FLEX 10:34am 11:04a,

4th Period 11:08am – 11:57am

5th Period 12:01pm – 1:34pm

Lunch A 12:01pm – 12:41pm Lunch B 12:54pm – 1:34pm

6th Period 1:38pm – 2:27pm

7th Period 2:31pm – 3:20pm

Early Release Fridays

Breakfast TIME - TIME

1st Period 8:20am – 8:39am

2nd Period 8:43am – 9:31am

3rd Period 9:35am – 10:23am

4th Period 10:27am – 11:15pm

5th Period 11:19am – 12:51pm

Lunch A 11:19am – 11:59am Lunch B 12:11pm – 12:51pm

6th Period 12:55pm – 1:43pm

7th Period 1:47pm – 2:30pm

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